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Our mission

Support newcomers/immigrants in acquiring their primary residence under the best financial conditions.

Our vision

To reliably help all newcomers/immigrants with aspirations of settling down in this beautiful country.

Our values

Respect: You deserve to be respected and considered regardless of your situation.

Integrity: You have the right to have personal information handled with honesty and confidentiality. We will guide you in the best direction while protecting your data.

Listening and compassion: Share your life project with people who have walked down similar paths.

Perseverance and patience: We will explore every avenue to make your case successful.

How it started

A word from our founder, Mickaël Micmacher

Mickaël Micmacher

The Rent-to-Buy project was inspired by my own story. When my family and I moved to Canada, I noticed that services to help others find and acquire residence were lacking. In response to this realization, I developed a detailed understanding of the process and decided to use my knowledge and experience to offer others the help that I needed at the time.

Why Canada ?

In 2017, after much deliberation, I (along with my wife and two daughters) decided to move to Canada – more specifically, Quebec.

We chose this spot to be our new home because of our love for the great outdoors, the quality of life, democratic rule, and their world-renowned respect for others from different walks of life. Of course, we also relocated here to enjoy the pleasures of experiencing all 4 seasons, including a real winter!!!

What were the first steps ?

I took a prospecting trip to search for a place to plant our new roots. We had criteria for our two young daughters to thrive. Quebec, Montreal, Trois Rivières, Drummondville, Verchères, Boucherville, Longueuil… all these cities and others have welcomed us at one time or another. Many encounters were positive and had varying degrees of success. However, there were two typical reactions we received: people saw us through the lens of "differences are riches" or "forever strangers".

When work and study opportunities materialized in east-central Montreal, it was time to settle in properly, and we decided to buy a primary residence rather than rent.

The surprise

Our first surprise when finding a home came from the financial world. As a newcomer, the best deal the banks gave us was asking me for a 35% down payment. This was in addition to the proof of the application for Permanent Residence. Having worked hard to build a nest egg, I had the opportunity to put all my savings into this acquisition. But even then, we had to put so much into buying our home, we didn’t have much left for anything else… a car, schools, household appliances in 110 volts, etc.

Since purchasing my first home, I started working full time in real estate and dedicated my experience, my resources, and my networks to help immigrants/newcomers looking to buy their primary residence before becoming a permanent resident.

I want to share the tools of my success with you, so you can keep more money in your pocket.

This is how the project was born. Our team is here to help by sharing our knowledge and passion!

We encourage you to contact us and learn more about our services.



Who is Mickaël Micmacher ?

Mickaël and his wife Cathie

In the mid-1990s, Mickaël Micmacher earned his master’s in international marketing and business management, during which time, he also traveled to Paris, Tokyo and New York. Later on, his career gave him the opportunity to live 7 years in expatriation. In his travels, Mickaël developed his expertise and emphasized improving his strategies, transversal analysis, and project management.

Mickaël initially saw real estate as a form of wealth diversification. However, in the early 2000s, he discovered energy-efficient construction, and it was a revelation. Mickaël stayed there for 17 years. He also created one of the largest training centers for adults based on two core values: democratization and professionalization. During these years, he trained more than 15,000 entrepreneurs as well as 2,500 architects and engineers. Beyond classroom training, it is above all through e-learning, practical training and on-site training that he will be recognized. He takes experience with renovations/restorations, but also with new constructions of various sizes.

In his 30-year experience as an investor in real estate, Mickaël acquired and managed condos, commercial buildings, land to build on, AirBnB, and short-term rentals. Today, he lives off real estate and for real estate. Mickaël continues to invest his time, energy, skills, and resources into honing his craft.

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